Group size: key information

Group size: key information

The terms and conditions of the pooling and compensation system are based largely on the size of the groups presented for pooling. The size is therefore a key piece of information for the Corporation.

How is group size determined?

Under the existing pooling system, the size of a group is determined by the total number of certificates in force in Canada on December 31 of that year, even though only Quebec certificates are submitted for pooling.

If certificates are issued during the year (including January 1), the group size is equal to the number of existing certificates on December 31 of the coverage period.

If the group terminates during the year, the Pooling Manager will establish the size according to the average number of (Canadian) certificates at the beginning and at the end of the plan. The average used is a simple arithmetic average, without any weighting. If the terminated group came into force during the year, its size will be the average the number of (Canadian) certificates that the group had its first and its last day of coverage.

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