The pooling of drug claims represents less than 3% of all drug claims of the private sector in Quebec. This 3%

The Corporation reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the pooling system.

The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Quebec Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation. Over the past two decades,

The definition of a “group” found in Section 15.1 of the Prescription Drug Insurance Act is the only definition to

The terms and conditions of the pooling and compensation system are based largely on the size of the groups presented

When transmitting data to the Pooling Manager for compensation, each participant must include the Compliance Certificate, duly completed and signed

Since the adoption in 2012 of the Participant Audit Policy, 13 of 32 participants have been audited. Four other

iconTo ensure the success of risk pooling, the industry needed an effective and credible framework. It is for this reason that the Quebec Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation was created in 1997.


Ensure the proper management of the pooling system, in particular the annual review of its modalities and their application.


Preserve the system of mutualisation in order to guarantee equitable treatment for all medicines.


Promote the trust of members, participants and government towards the Corporation.