Message from the Chairman of the Board

Message from the Chairman of the Board

The Corporation reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the pooling system

Supplementing the Annual General Meeting on April 25, new statements of the Corporation’s mission and values ​​were presented by the ethicist René Villemure, president of Ethikos. These statements are the result of a study carried out in 2016 by the Board of Directors in collaboration with Villemure to reaffirm the Corporation’s purpose and the foundations on which its actions are based.

Through the exercise of its mandate to ensure the sound management of the pooling system, including the annual review of its terms and conditions and their application, the Corporation pursues the mission of

Preserving the pooling system in order to guarantee fair treatment to all (participants and covered groups) in the matter of prescription drug insurance.

In this twentieth anniversary year, I wish to renew our commitment to this mission on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors.

Three values guide the Corporation’s actions:

  1. Integrity: We will act without compromise in the interests of the entities covered by the Act, ensuring the quality of decisions made beyond the particular interest of a member, participant or third party;
  2. Impartiality: We will remain attentive to dealing with each participant according to a just appreciation of what is due him; and
  3. Foresight: We will endeavor to consider events with sensitivity and openness in order to better predict those that may affect the accessibility of drug coverage and risk pooling, and take the necessary precautionary measures to deal with them.

We will act in a manner that fosters the confidence of members, participants and government towards the Corporation. This is the Corporation’s goal, since without your confidence, the Corporation could not continue to honor its mission.

Robert Deslandes

Board of Directors

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